23 avril 2023

The complete guide to buying new windows: 8 important steps to follow

You can no longer avoid the inevitable: the windows in your house must be replaced, if only because they no longer offer you comfort and warmth during the cold seasons!

Fenêtres Jalmo

You are one click away from shopping for your windows on the vast World Wide Web, but you don't know which steps to follow to narrow down your choices exactly? From the type of opening to the right frame to select to the hardware of your windows, we review all the elements!

Here's where we come in to help you ensure that your future windows meet all your needs, the style you're looking for and certainly your budget. However, keep in mind that you cannot only shop for a price when it comes to windows. The issue of your comfort and safety is too important! So you really need to take the time to find a quality, efficient and durable product that fits perfectly with your aesthetic needs while respecting the amount you are willing to pay.

Here are 8 important steps to follow for buying the best windows!

1st step: think "municipality"

You know that a permit is required for certain major renovations in your home, but is this the case for the replacement of your windows? To find out, inquire from your municipality. It will grant you a permit if it is necessary. Also, you will be surprised to learn that, for the sake of aesthetics and uniformity, your municipality may require you to replace your windows with a specific style of opening (such as casement or awning windows). This information will also influence the choice you will make later. So it is important to be aware before purchasing new windows.

2nd step: what type of opener to choose for your windows?

Casement, awning, sliding, or double-hung windows? You may already know what type of opener you need or you may have to follow municipal rules that prescribe the style of opening; however, if this is not the case, you need to consider what each window opening can offer you in terms of performance, comfort, and design. Ready to discover them?

Casement Windows

For example, if you want an easy-to-maintain, vertical, crank-operated opening that opens outward and offers superior performance as well as excellent ventilation, your choice will be casement windows, a particularly popular option in Quebec.


If the look you want is more like a horizontal opening, then awning windows that also offer good ventilation and excellent performance and open to the outside may be your choice. Another thing to know is that these windows can remain open when it rains.


Equipped with a latch system and integrated springs that facilitate opening by sliding horizontally, sliding windows, available in two sashes or one, take up little space. This type of window is an economical option that goes well with contemporary and colonial styles.

Sash windows

If you are more of a traditional style, double-hung windows, with their inward tilting sash opening, efficient air infiltration prevention system and integrated water discharge system, can be an excellent choice.

To help you make the right choice, ask the team at Fenêtres Jalmo, a Quebec manufacturer of durable, high-performance, high-quality windows.

Step 3: PVC or hybrid windows?

Once the type of opening has been chosen, it's time to select the window frame that corresponds to your needs, your style and your budget. Here are some criteria to consider for each type of frame.

For more advice and information to help you make your choice, we invite you to contact the Jalmo Windows consulting team.

Step 4: Energy efficiency

Prevent energy loss and stay warm by choosing ENERGY STAR certified windows. They will definitely reduce your electricity bills and keep you comfortable. However, you should also consider the U-factor (indicating the degree of heat or cold transmission through the window) when you buy new windows. In fact, the lower the U-factor, the more efficient the window. So, if you have windows that are located more in the sun or facing the wind, the U-factor is really something to consider and evaluate.

Step 5: Stay protected from the elements with high-performance windows

The choice of a window also depends on its performance level: is it not only solid and efficient, but also wind, water and air resistant? Remember: windows should be a guarantee of safety and comfort! To find out how well they perform, simply ask your dealer for the results. For good advice on buying windows, don't hesitate to contact the Jalmo Windows team who will be happy to help you.

Step 6: Take measurements for an accurate estimate

Height, width and depth of your windows: if you haven't already done so, get out your notebook or cell phone and write them down! Don't forget the mouldings in your calculations for height and width! This way, having all the measurements in hand, you will be able to get a more accurate estimate and avoid big price differences... and unpleasant surprises.

Step 7: Request an estimate for your window project

An important step that will influence your decision: the estimate of the price of your windows (accessories and hardware) including the warranty and installation fees! Take a good look at it to make sure all these elements are included. Also feel free to ask questions about the details of your estimate. Buying windows is a big investment, so it's best to be prepared and know where the costs will go. For a quality and transparent estimate, do business with the Jalmo Windows team.

Step 8: Choose a Quebec manufacturer

By daring to manufacture your windows locally, you guarantee a quality product that performs well, is durable, reliable and designed for all seasons in Quebec. You shouldn't skimp on the superior quality of a local design, especially when it comes to your comfort and safety. This is a promise that Jalmo Windows, a Quebec window manufacturer committed to your well-being, is committed to keeping.

Would you like to replace your doors and windows with energy-efficient, quality, durable, high-performance products designed in Quebec? For any questions or an estimate, contact the Jalmo Windows team who will be happy to serve you!

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