23 avril 2023

Window Replacement, Is It Time? Discover 4 Revealing Signs!

It's a generally sunny Friday that's rising. The 18 degrees shown on the thermometer promise us a pleasant day and a gentle, warm breeze! In a few days, autumn and its grey weather will take its place. So why not take advantage of these last moments of summer to ventilate the house for a small 15 minutes, to breathe in the declining summer smell? However, before even opening the windows, you feel a breeze brushing against your hand... and doubt sets in! Is it possible that the sealant or caulking of your windows is at the end of its life? If your windows have a few years under their belt, it is highly likely that you will need to replace them. Before replacing them, take a tour to check their general condition.

Here are 4 revealing signs that will indicate if it's time to replace the windows in your home.

Are there air leaks?

One of the first signs that windows may need to be replaced is the presence of air leaks, which can easily be detected by passing your hands around the frames or by lighting a lighter close to them. Do you feel a breeze blowing on your skin, or do you see the flame of the lighter flickering? If so, it means that air is infiltrating due to damaged or worn weatherstripping. This loss of sealing will also increase energy consumption costs. It will be time to think about replacing your windows. You will gain in comfort and save money.

Are your windows foggy?

Do you spend your time wiping tiny droplets from the edge of your windows? If you have just replaced your windows, there is no need to worry. These signs of condensation simply indicate that your windows are not like sieves, they are performing well. However, if you have old windows, these signs of fog between the glass may be an indication that the seals, which are undoubtedly deteriorated and dried out, have lost efficiency and no longer prevent air from infiltrating. This poor thermal insulation, which leads to condensation and an increase in energy consumption, indicates that your windows need attention. For effective and professional replacement, do not hesitate to contact the Fenêtres Jalmo team.

Do your windows open and close easily?

A few seconds have passed, and you're already raging against the mechanism of your windows that refuses to let you open or close them! Do not force the opening or closing at the risk of making the situation worse. If you are having so much difficulty, it is a sign that there is a defect in the mechanism or misalignment and that a window replacement is necessary. By remedying their replacement, you will avoid air leaks and a marked increase in the heating bill.

Is the window frame decomposing?

If you notice that the condition of the wooden frames of your windows is deteriorating and that mold has taken hold, it is high time to opt for window replacement. By letting water infiltrate, you promote the growth of rot and the deterioration of your frames, and you risk significantly reducing the performance of your windows and ending up with poor indoor air quality.

Do you have a door and window project in mind, or do you need an estimate? For all information, contact the specialists in the manufacturing and installation of high-quality doors and windows at Fenêtres Jalmo!