Warranty Coverage


Fenêtres Jalmo warrants, for a period of 20 years, PVC [POLYVINYL CHLORIDE] and aluminum extrusions against corrosion, peeling, blistering, uneven discolouration that may occur under normal conditions of use and maintenance despite uniform exposure to sunlight and the elements. Exposure to sunlight and various air pollutants may cause PVC and/or aluminum surfaces to gradually discolour over the years. These are normal phenomena for which this warranty does not apply.


  • Fenêtres Jalmo warrants, for a period of 10 years, under normal conditions of use and installation, sealed glass units against film formation or dust deposits between the panes of glass, caused by seal failure and resulting in a substantially obstructed view (see tolerance grid), excluding spontaneous glass breakage. In such a case, JALMO will provide a new sealed unit and cover the labour costs for the first year only. As of the second year of coverage, JALMO undertakes only to replace defective units. Installation and transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Spontaneous (thermal) glass breakage is guaranteed for one year from the date of initial purchase. The crack must be on the inner glass with no sign of impact.

  • Conditions

  • In order to avoid any deterioration, defects must be reported within 48 hours of discovery.

  • This warranty applies only if the products have been installed in accordance with good trade practices, including being installed square and properly secured in place. Normal and routine maintenance such as cleaning of profiles and sealed units, as well as lubrication of parts and weatherstripping, must be done periodically.

  • The products must not be subjected to excessive thermal or physical stress.

  • Any product repaired or exchanged under this warranty will be guaranteed for the remaining period of the initial warranty on the product.

  • The warranty is effective from the date of purchase by the customer. The purchase date is determined by the invoice date.

  • Services by our technicians are performed during regular business hours.

Window hardware

  • Fenêtres Jalmo warrants, for a period of 10 years, its hardware products against any damage or manufacturing and/or material defects under normal conditions of use. This warranty does not extend to oxidation, discolouration, polish or hardware finish. It completely excludes prolonged exposure to corrosive or saltwater environments. JALMO will replace defective parts and cover labour for a period of one year. After the first year of coverage, labour and transportation costs shall be the customer’s responsibility.

Window screens

  • Screens are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of invoice. Excluded from the warranty: breakage and loss.


  • The adhesion of grilles to the glass comes with a five-year warranty, exceptionally including labour for the same period.

Paint for windows

  • Fenêtres Jalmo warrants, for a period of 15 years, factory-applied paint against chalking, chipping, blistering, flaking and significant discolouration under normal atmospheric conditions. The warranty applies only if the paint has never been exposed to smoke, toxic vapours, salt spray or any other corrosive material. This warranty will be applicable as follows: full for the first 5 years and decreasing by 10% per year thereafter. The warranty does not cover the cost of labour, transportation, finishing and any other on-site repair or replacement work. The colour of replacement parts could differ due to gradual discolouration from exposure to sunlight and common air pollutants. These are normal phenomena for which this warranty does not apply. The customer remains aware that a normal variation of colour could exist between the old paint and the newly applied paint.

Replacement part

  • Fenêtres Jalmo reserves the right to discontinue or modify any model without prior notice or liability. When it is impossible to provide an identical part which JALMO is required to replace under this warranty, JALMO may substitute it for a part of similar quality and price.


  • Any defect or damage resulting from misuse, vandalism, accident, act of God and/or force majeure, improper handling, lack of regular maintenance or any damage caused by negligence.Any attempt to repair and/or modify products by anyone other than a Fenêtres JALMO certified technician.Damage caused by exposure to fumes or corrosive elements or a defect resulting from the natural settling or shifting of the building.Window panels are always adjusted when delivered.Fenêtres JALMO may not be held responsible or liable for any damage caused to a building by a defective product, for any damage related to loss of use of a defective product (loss of earning(s), loss of profit(s), problem(s), trouble(s), and inconvenience(s), etc.), or for any other direct, indirect, or accessory, secondary or accidental, real or anticipated, present or future damage attributable to any defective product and/or to the removal and reinstallation of a defective product under this warranty.

Transferable warranty

  • This warranty is fully transferable for the full term of the warranty. The building owner must provide the contract and/or purchase invoice where the products are installed.


  • Fenêtres JALMO will cover labour and transportation costs to repair products for the first year from the date of purchase. As of the second year of coverage and for the term of the warranty, all labour, transportation and/or installation costs will be excluded and charged to the customer.
  • Only replacement parts will be provided at no charge.


  • For products sold but not manufactured by JALMO, JALMO refers to the warranties offered by the manufacturers of those products. These warranties are all available to customers so that they can understand the extent and conditions of the warranty.